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About Us


NGS is a northern Ontario geoscience consulting company that takes pride in the north. Our clients operate in various northern Ontario industries, wherever environmental or geology work is needed. We aim to make it easier for mineral exploration and mining companies to find and extract ore, while protecting the environment and helping local economies. NGS believes in the economic potential of northern Ontario, and actively tries to protect and benefit the natural environment.  


Our professionals are certified with the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO), and they are passionate about the environment, geology, climate change, and a sustainable, profitable future.


We care about the planet and the economy. We provide affordable services for like-minded clients.

Contact us for all of your environmental, geology, and general geoscience needs. 


Geology Consulting

NGS has expertise with everything geology related, including: property research, drill project management, core logging, prospecting, and much more.

Looking to invest in a new company, buy a property, or do mineral exploration work? Contact NGS first.

Environmental Consulting

NGS can assist you in numerous environmental initiatives, such as: environmental site assessments, hazardous materials investigation and abatement, sustainable living, green innovation, health and safety, pollution prevention, and more. 

Health, Safety, Security

Our professionals don't just specialize in geoscience, but they are also pros at health, safety, and security. NGS seeks out employees with Ontario Mine Rescue training and leadership experience, pristine industrial safety records, and a thorough knowledge of health, safety, and security, as it is all part of the overall geoscience industry.

NGS will be your partner for all aspects of the geoscience industry.

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